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It is our mission to use my life’s journey, stories of wisdom, and pool of relevant experiences to be a light to the path of the people in the community. We seek to inspire and empower others to thrive in their lives through a holistic approach to community support and care (across the mind, body, and spirit), both on an individual and collective level. Current areas of work and impact includes:


For the Mind: 

  • Co-Host, Co-facilitator, and Co-presenter of “The Common Ground Experience” inter-generational discussion support workshop (coming soon)

  • Providing Business and community event logistics support 


For the Body: 

  • Community Health Worker. Care Manager (follow Della J Smith on YouTube/TikTok)

  • Host of annual Sabbath retreats (rest and rejuvenation)

  • Advocate and supporter of Community Oncology Alliance Patient Advocacy Network


For the Spirit:

  • Inspirational speaker

  • Relationship Mentor and co-author of “Forever I Do: A Battle Worth Winning

  • Host of “Front Porch Fridays” (a casual and intimate pop-up praise and worship experience open to the community)



Get to Know Us

Get a glimpse of who we surround ourselves with and see why we’re so confident that Smith Party of Two Events is the best and most prepared Event Facilitating Company in the Syracuse, NY area.

Photo Credit: Jason K. Barnes

Della J Smith


I hold a bachelors in Community and Human Services and an associate degree in Executive Administration. Creativity, leadership, and love of community led me to start my own consulting business.  I also work part-time as an executive assistant for a major event planning company, and full-time as a community health worker for a major health insurance company.  I am a stage IV Metastatic breast cancer conqueror in active treatment and continue to overcome congestive heart failure.  My amazing and triumphant journey has afforded me an opportunity to now serve in the capacity of a facilitator and host of community events and conferences.  I attribute my courage and strength to my faith in God and Jesus Christ, which is shared in my compassion and advocacy for people in my family and community. As a patient advocate for cancer care centers, I work alongside others sharing my journey.  I have developed and facilitated a ‘Destination Sabbath Retreat' program, a women’s empowerment event, in addition to a social media-based women’s empowerment prayer group and “Front Porch Friday” praise from home” pop-up worship party event for people in my community. 

Photo Credit: Jason K. Barnes

Whitney Monique Reed
Communication Director

Whittney Reed is a native of Syracuse, NY who has been blessed with many talents, including a heart for service excellence.


Whittney is an alumna of the Syracuse City School District and holds a BA in communication, a MS in Adult Education, and a MA in Human Resource Management. Her chosen career path is Director of Recruitment and Retention in the healthcare field, but her passion for her community propels her forward. 


Whittney’s dedication to education led her to open her home to student learners at the height of COVID to support them during their remote learning experiences. Her professional/business communication experience has allowed her to be a resource as a consultant for job seekers looking for resume development and career exploration experience. She is also a board member of a new local travel youth football league, CUSE United, which addresses student athletes’ needs from a holistic approach, in which she supports the organization’s business and professional communication as well.


Her values include family, community, and being love in action. She is inspired by these words and hopes to impress the same on others; “don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant” (Robert Louis Stevenson).

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