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Explore the transformative services offered by Smith Party of Two, designed to enrich your spiritual journey and strengthen your connection to the divine. We invite you to come and witness the powerful impact of our events, and discover the unique experiences of 365 Prayer and Front Porch Fridays. We are also available for inspirational speaking engagements. Immerse yourself in these uplifting gatherings that foster personal growth, community connection, and spiritual nourishment.


365 Prayer

Restoration, Balance, Focus, Direction, Forgiveness...

An online prayer group program set-up for you with ease so that you can run your own small group.


Charge the atmosphere with your small group and bombard heaven on behalf of your family friends and neighborhood.

Front Porch Fridays

Contact us to make Front Porch Fridays a thing in your community

Image by Edward Cisneros


Designed to be an intimate, unique praise and worship experience with family, friends, and neighbors in our community. Believers gathered together enjoying fellowship in God's presence. Reverencing Him, hearing from Him, obeying, and receiving Him, TOGETHER. I host it. However, we worship together. It sets the tone for the weekend. It's short and sweet so you can still be productive and enjoy your weekend.

Image by Hannah Busing


Why on the porch? Cause that's where he gave me the idea. I love being outside. I feel even closer to God.

That's just my thing. I would sit on my porch often singing, studying, and worshipping and I thought "why not invite you to join us (the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and me)?"

Image by Pedro Lima


Front Porch Friday IS NOT a show, or concert. IS NOT A form of entertainment. IS NOT Just for woman and children.

I hope at some point you are able to join us. You simply must come to at least one. You will be blessed and encouraged and fueled with hope for EVERY good work.

He promises.

MEN you should come too! We need you in our homes, lives and community.

Inspirational Speaking

Ignite Passion, Motivate Action, and Change Lives with Your Words

We are available to speak at your conferences, workshops, or groups to share our testimony and journey.

Happy Family

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Our Services:

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